Air Conditioning

We provide a complete range of Air Conditioning re-gas and repair service's.

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Air Con Service & Re-Gas

An air conditioning service consists of recovering remaining gas and oil, vacuuming the system and then replenishing the oil gas. The system may also need to be topped up with gas, or re-gassed.

Air Conditioning Sanitisation

We can now offer a air conditioning sanitation service. This service involved a ozone generating bomb machine and a specific solution which is atomised and injested by the air conditioning system.

Leak Detection

If your air conditioning system is not working it may have a leak. We have a test kit which can detect even the smallest leak.

Part Replacement

Like any mechanical and high pressure gas system parts may need to be replaced. We're fully F-Gas certified to work on air conditioning systems.


Our Air Con price list


+€8.00 per 100g R134A

AirCon Service with Re-Gas

  • Gas & Oil Recovery
  • Vacuum System
  • Fresh Oil
  • R134A Gas re-charge
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  • Hydrogen Leak Detection
  • Visual Check
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Diagnostic Check

  • Computer Diagnostic
  • A4 print out
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* If the vehicles air conditioning system is inopperative prior to the service & regas it may need leak detection and/or diagnostic proceedures and/or further parts replacement.