Current Specials

Tyre SizePatternEU LabelPrice
195/65R15 91HPrimacy 4C A 68€85
205/55R16 91HPrimacy 4C A 68€99
215/55R16 97WPrimacy 4B A 68€153
215/40R17 87YPilot Sport 4E A 71€151
225/45R17 91VPilot Sport 4E A 70€115
235/45R17 97YPilot Sport 4C A 71€130
225/50R17 98YPrimacy 4B A 68€149
225/50R17 98YPrimacy 4B A 68€149
245/45R17 99YPilot Sport 4C A 71€173
225/40R18 92YPilot Sport 4C A 71€123
225/40R18 92YPilot Super SportE B 71€137
245/40R18 97YPilot Sport 4C A 71€156
225/45R18 95YPilot Sport 4C A 71€171
225/35R19 88YPilot Sport 4SE A 71€180
235/35R19 91YPilot Sport 4SC A 71€180
255/35R19 98YPilot Sport 4SC A 71€202
255/40R19 100YPilot Sport 4C A 71€202
245/40R19 98YPrimacy 3 RunflatC A 69€265
275/35R19 100YPrimacy 3 RunflatC A 71€305
255/35R20 97YPilot Sport 4SE A 71€209

All prices are for one tyre including fitting, balancing, environmental charge and vat.
Call to order. Fitting by appointment only.
If your tyre size is not on the list please call.



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